Who We Are

We are currently engaging multiple stakeholders to help realise our vision with a sustainable strategy. Groundswell is a long play not a flash in the pan, therefore we are engaging with the best across the board from experts in Tech, Media, Academia and Activism to make our vision a reality.


Founder and Executive Director

Hadiya Masieh has a wealth of experience and expertise in the area of community cohesion, interfaith relations, counter extremism, and women’s involvement in radicalisation. She has been a counter extremism consultant for various governments and NGOs around the world for the past 22 years. She has also worked closely with big tech players such as Google and Facebook in order to develop innovative counter-extremism approaches.

Hadiya is :

Part of the UK Government’s “National Muslim Women’s Advisory Group” advising UK Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers.

Her work has featured in the Guardian, New Statesman, BBC News, ITV, Radio 4, CNN, BBC World, BBC Asian Radio, Times of India, Times of Israel and others.

She is the co-author of the report “Radcalisation and violent extremism-focus on women” and UN women report Gendered Pathways to Radicalization and Desistance from Violent Extremism.

Hadiya was UK Ambassador for Women Without Borders promoting counter extremism narratives and a board member of the internationally renowned and award winning peacekeeping organisation The Bereaved Families Forum based in Palestine and Israel

Leadership Council

Dr Erin Saltman

Is the Membership and Programs Director at the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT).

Yasmin Green

Yasmin Green

Is the CEO of Jigsaw, a unit within Google that addresses threats to open societies.

Brittan Heller

Is a tech and human rights fellow at Harvard's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy


Teri Whitcraft

Senior Producer at ABC News and an award-winning journalist. Teri was the first to interview Malala. (US)

Jenny Quigley-Jones

Founder and CEO of Digital Voices, a top UK Influencer Marketing agency.

Carol Allen Storey

Award-winning photojournalist specialising in humanitarian and social issues. UK


Sasha Havelicek

CEO / Director of Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) a world leading counter extremism organisation. (UK)

Hannah Stuart

Co-Head of Policy Exchange Security and Extremism.

Dr Kirstine Sinclair

Is Associate Professor (PhD) at the Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies, Department of History, University of Southern Denmark.

Seran de Leede

is an Associate Fellow at ICCT (Internations Centre for Counter Terrorism) at the Hadgue. Netherlands

Farrah Nazir

Learning Lead for the Culture, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CEDI) team at the Wellcome Trust.


Hanan Ibrahim

Women’s Rights Activists - MBE. Kenya

Arno Michaelis

Speaker, author of My Life After Hate a memoir examining the mistakes that led to involvement in hate groups, and the circumstances that led the way out.

Sarah Nelson

Was voted twice for the Financial Times Top 100 Ethnic Minority leaders. She is Financial Director at Sainsbury’s and heads their BAME network.