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Groundswell offers the ability to connect with others who want to inspire change, build bridges and promote tolerance/understanding in their own community. We work with leaders in these communities, no matter how small, to accelerate and encourage activities that bring us together


Stronger Communities : One Person At A Time

Groundswell is about building empathy in communities. Helping neighbours find out that they are more the same than they are different. When we understand each other it becomes harder to mock, detest and hate and easier to band together on the things that matter in life for all of us. When we are together we are less vulnerable to harms.

  • Get to know new people in your community
  • Challenge stereotypes
  • Celebrate commonalities and the differences
  • Find local support dedicated to helping you

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Love thy Neighbour

The Love your neighbour exhibition documents the story of Muslims who rescued Jews during

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Connecting professionals with grassroots groups

Groundswell Project has been instrumental in connecting large tech organisations like Google

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Creating safe places for people to discuss their extremism concerns

In recent months, Groundswell Project has grown much more into the ‘training space, with

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