Frequently Ask Questions

Groundswell Project uses the methods of extremist/hate/criminal groups to directly counter the problems they create in our society. Our methodology is informed by academics and former members of extremist groups. Formers are best placed to make a difference as they understand how organised hateful extremists operate and in order to effectively challenge a problem you must know it. We aim to “beat them at their own game,” using the Groundswell method (Link to Find Connect Amplify page)
We are a Not for Profit and try to sustain our peace building work  by offering training in specialised areas  such as radicalisation, hate crime and other harms both on and off line. We receive donations from philanthropists and apply for grants that fall in line with our work. 
Groundswell Project is not a political organisation. Our sole aim is to help communities to protect themselves from extremism and other harms. We do this by encouraging communities to know one another and through awareness training, We work with anyone who has a desire to spread kindness and compassion in their community.  We do not promote any political agenda.